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10 Types Of Content That Will Push Your Blog Or Business To The Next Level

Content plays an important part in digital marketing success. You need it to provide value on your social media accounts. Content has the power to bring you search traffic. You can use content in your email newsletters. And content can help build a relationship with your audience. But the hard truth is that some content types have more power than others.

Some content works well in one place but may totally suck in another. And used right, some kind of content has huge power to help you get more traffic, social shares, signups – and in the end more business. Some types of content have some hidden power for you to unleash.

Here are 10 types of content that have the power to push your blog or business to new heights – and some tips on where best to use the content.

1. Interviews and expert roundups

Interviews are awesome. You get pro tips into your content marketing all the while you build a relationship with other bloggers, experts or influencers from your niche. But that is not all Interviews can do.

You can use the interviews to get more social shares from influential social media accounts. How? Simply mention the social account of the interviewed person and most of the time they will like, comment and share your post!

Interviews may even earn you some backlinks to help your SEO – that works best if you interview people that don’t get too many interviews requests and still highly appreciate to be asked for an interview.

Expert roundups work in a similar way as interviews do. Only you get more than one person into the interview and thus may earn more shares and likes.

2. Webinars

Webinars can add value to your business in more than one way. The simplest way webinars can help your business is that you can interact with your audience on a much more personal level than with blog posts or other static content. This way webinars can work wonders to build relationships and trust.

But that is by far not all webinars can do. If you spread your webinar not only to your email subscribers but also in other channels like social media, a webinar is a great way to earn more subscribers: Everybody who signs up is a new subscriber. You can take that even further if you cooperate with someone else from your niche on a webinar – that way you can get access to their audience via webinar signups.

But webinars can still do more. They are one of the best converting sales channels. You may have noticed that most webinars have an offer at the end of the webinar. There are online businesses that only use webinars as a sales tool. Because they convert!

3. List Posts

If your Twitter marketing does not give you the results you are looking for, one idea to try is to change your headlines. It is a fact that list posts headlines run extremely well on Twitter.

You may love list posts or you may hate them, but there is no denying that they have a huge power for clicks, likes, and shares on social media.

If you want your content to spread via social networks, a list post may just be what you should use.

Extra tip: data shows that longer lists tend to get even more exposure.

4. How-To-Guides

Similar to list posts, how-to guides are another type of content that works extremely well with social media to get clicks, likes, and shares. The reason is that they answer a question. The more people are looking for an answer to that question the more success will your content have.

You should choose a topic that many people are interested in – but that has not been covered over and over. You want the question you are answering to be interesting and do not want to find your content competing against too many other answers.

5. Product Reviews

Reviews are extremely interesting – if they cover products that are interesting to a larger group of people. Make sure you write only reviews on products that you actually know and have tested. The more honest your review is the more will your audience appreciate the information you are giving.

Reviews can be even more valuable to your audience if you make them a comparison between two (or even more) alternatives.

If you like a product and your review is going to be positive, you may even want to check if the product you are reviewing is offering an affiliate program. This way you may be able to earn some money with your review, too.

For example, Jonathan has written a review about the email marketing software we are using.

6. Infographics

Many people love infographics. Our brain can often process visual information much easier and faster than written information. Plus, a good Infographics offers very condensed information that also looks nice.

Infographics still get a ton of shares on visual social networks like Pinterest. Even a tweet mentioning that there is an infographic behind the link may get a ton of clicks.

Infographics also have the power to earn you a couple of back links. Other bloggers or marketers often love to republish infographics and the least you get out of that is a link back to your site as the original source.

7. Resource collections

Behind a resource collection often is a lot of research and even some reviewing. It takes time to collect the resources. And that is exactly the value this kind of content provides for your audience.

There are a lot of options what kind of resource you can collect. I recently put together a collection of marketing podcasts – I have also compiled a list of books for bloggers. A list of Twitter accounts from your niche would be another idea.

If you do it right the „owners“ of the resources you list will be honored that you put them on the list and gladly give you a share, like or comment. And if you present your resource collection in the form of a list post – you can harvest those benefits, too.

8. Podcasts & Videos

Various types of content like videos or podcasts offer new opportunities for people to find you and your content. Apart from being a social network, Youtube is a huge search engine. Facebook offers some extra visibility for video content. Podcasts can be discovered on networks like stitcher or iTunes.

And different types of content are consumed by different people. Just adding a new type of content to your mix, opens new doors and lets you connect to new people, who may be more into listening and watching instead of reading.

Plus again, videos and podcasts offer you to expose more of your personality, which can easily result in building a closer relationship with your audience.

9. Guest posts

Especially when you are new to the blogging, business, and marketing game, guest posting offers a huge opportunity to get yourself and your content in front of an audience – even is your own audience is still more or less non-existent. You can use guest posts to earn signups for your email list, fill a webinar or grow your social media accounts. There is a huge power in guest posting that by far exceeds the opportunity to earn some high-quality backlinks to your blog or website.

10. Report

We all love data – and it does not necessarily have to be the huge research data. Some small experiments or a thorough data-driven analysis of how people use a product can also give you the chance for great content that people will love. Turn some of the numbers into images and you have a ton of value to share on social media.

If the results offer some surprises – even better. Numbers that tell a different story than what people expect can inspire curiosity, trigger surprise and push a lot of buttons that will help you spread the word about your content.

Final Words On Types Of Content

There are so many options for stories to tell and types of content to create for your business. But some types of content have some hidden power you should know about – and put to work to boost your business.

If you know how the content works and how you can get even better results from it, you will see the benefit of these types of content in your numbers!

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