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Snapchat Stories vs Instagram Stories

The following infographic and information is provided by Tom Hopkins and One Productions. Tom is the Managing Director of One Productions a video production agency, with headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Tom is a Film and Video Director as well as an Art Director. He has 22 years’ experience working in the media and communications sector.

Snapchat and Instagram are both juggernauts of the social and mobile messaging world. Both have a very similar feature called ‘Stories’ originally created very successfully by Snapchat, but earlier this year, Instagram introduced a very similar version on its platform. While there are a wide number of similarities, there are differences too.

Why Use Either in the First Place?

Video is predicted to account for up to 80% of global consumer internet traffic by 2019. As we look forward into 2017, this does not seem that far away. Video as a format is becoming the most important digital format that exists today.

The ‘Stories’ function on both Snapchat and Instagram capitalises on video allowing for short 10 second videos that disappear after 24 hours. Both platforms recognise that its main audience, time-poor millennials, have short attention spans which need to be captured quickly and effectively. Video is the ultimate format to do this.

Snapchat and Instagram, the Numbers

Snapchat has 150 million daily users and its followers spend 25 to 30 minutes on the app every day. Instagram has double the user base with 300 million daily users who spend more than 21 minutes on the app every day, on average.

Differences between Both

In Snapchat ‘Stories’, the filters are superior and allow for much more customizations compared to Instagram. The real value in this lies in its value to brands who can use the filters to customise their brand story much more effectively.

On the flipside, Instagram ‘Stories’ are seen by a much wider audience as its user numbers are significantly larger, an equally attractive feature for brands who want to scale and promote themselves to a wider audience.

For a visual depiction illustrating both the similarities and differences between both, see the below infographic created by the video experts One Productions.

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