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With the constant prove of social media, images have become the universal language that people all over the world can connect with. Living in this era, make us part of this movement. Fans who are into this, know photography can lead a complicated message easier and faster than text has been for years. The image is one of the most important keys of any digital practice. Why? Because social media photography should drive your visitors into your social media floor.


Creating durable images is essential in many fields. We provide a creative and dynamic photographic service for specific imagery and content. All photos should match your brand style. It’s important to create consistency so that your brand and photos go hand by hand. That’s why we emphasize in working with clients and discussing the images they need and how to make the most use of them.


Vivo Masonico offers the best quality service carrying out research and preparation for a shoot, working in different locations and in different circumstances to get the perfect image, checking for quality and dealing with client’s needs.


Fashion Photography

Whether you are a designer looking to launch a new line for your label or a model wanting to update your portfolio, Vivo Masonico offers customized solutions based on your need and vision.

We specialize in both indoor and outdoor concept shoots and bring out the best in your garments and the model. We strive to achieve the perfect synergy between style and creativity and hence detailing takes precedence in our work. Our excellent team of photographers, models, stylists, make-up artists and costume designers make the whole process very comfortable and fun. Our own studio is fully equipped for indoor shoots and comes with the added luxury of experimenting with lights & creativity and we would love to host you there. For outdoor shoots we have tie-ups with a variety of locations which offer both serene views and customized budgets.

As Fashion Photography is all about translating ideas into beautiful photographs, we would love to hear you out and collaborate with you on the style that suits you best.


We are the team of best fashion photographers to serve all your fashion photography needs. We comfortably provide services throughout Vivo Masonico and take up off-site or on-location fashion photography projects across the world as well.

Product Photography

If you are looking for high quality hassle-free product photography, look no further. We have a vast experience of handling almost every kind of product and have in-house capacities to execute bulk assignments at affordable costs and premium quality. Our processes are simplified to match your constraints and needs and we deliver comfort and quality at every step.

E-Commerce Photography

Vivo Masonico is a pioneer name in E-commerce Photography, Vivo Masonico have vast experience in online shoots and online photography.

The only communication that happens between consumer and the product while buying product online is through photos. Customer can not touch and feel the product, try the garment. Customer can only see the photos of the product/garment. And this makes photography a key element in e-commerce business.

Vivo Masonico specializes in giving your products the visual glory they deserve. Capturing all the details of the product and bringing to the customer as ‘real’ experience of the product as possible in the virtual world.

The importance of great photography can never be over estimated in the domain of E-commerce. In the absence of a physical interface between the customer and your product it is photography that bridges the gap.  Our experience of working with a diversified clientele of retailers and wholesalers has helped us in creating product specific protocols which takes care of our customers needs and restraints alike. Be clothing or shoes, handbags or jewelry,  mobile phones & accessories, food photography and more. We have a rich experience in all the categories and are capable of delivering high-quality photographs of any product. Our process-backed execution is the key to our low turn around time for each product and we deliver a quality and hassle-free experience right from the word ‘go’.

For all your needs related to affordable and quality e-commerce photography connect with the best e-commerce photography team. Vivo Masonico provides the best solutions in E-Commerce Photography. Our team of experienced professionals, photographers, editors and process managers will guide you through a hassle free, simplified and yet detailed approach to handling E-commerce Photography assignments.


Our services include complete packages in E-commerce Photography for businesses big and small alike. If you are setting up a new business or recently foraying into the area of E-commerce with your old business feel free to chat with us. We would love to share our inputs on how to take the plunge and be effective in this vast and highly competitive arena of E-commerce. We not only provide high quality photographs but we partner with you in your growth in the E-Commerce ecosystem.

Interior Photography

Great Photographs are often your only chance to make that precious first impression. Capturing the interiors and surroundings of your hotel, resort, lodge, apartment or showroom with adequate detail and varied angles can help you create the welcoming aura around your property that makes your patrons want to visit it.

Vivo Masonico is capable of executing high-quality interior and architecture photography assignments with immense precision and finesse. Be it large vacant spaces like a ballroom or terrace, or small rooms or service apartments, our teams are adept at capturing the theme and utility of your decor perfectly. We understand the needs and constraints of your property and employ the best equipment and post production techniques to highlight its USP’s.

We offer best solutions in Interior and Architecture Photography. Our team of great photographers and process managers are comfortable at travelling and executing Interior and Architecture Photography assignments across India and abroad. Supported by our in-house editing studio we are able to execute assignments on a very cost-effective and low turn-around time basis.

If you have a property and our looking to showcase it anywhere by the means of photography, contact only the best and richly experienced team of Vivo Masonico. We have the right experience, skill-set and resources to pull off the most daunting and challenging assignments in Interior and Architecture Photography.

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