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Full film & video production services including concept development, production, and post production. For those who need an all-in-one script-to-screen solution, Vivo Masonico can write, produce and edit a finished product that fits your video objectives. Whether you are shooting on location or at our studio, our state-of-the-art facilities for video production in San Juan, P.R. have everything you need from pre-production to final edits. We offer high quality 4k, attention-getting results that are designed to meet and achieve the specific goals of each client.

Social Media 

Whether you have your social media sites up and running or are waiting for them to be perfected, we can help you go further with your social media through the use of Video. We can help you set up your accounts, upload your videos and use them strategically to generate a buzz about your company. They used to say someone needs to hear your name 7 times before they use your services, but now, with social media, it has jumped to over 30 times! You need to be out there now, and we can help you.


​A Webmercial is simply a promotional video that you put on your website. It can vary in length anywhere from 30-seconds up to 5 minutes. A Webmercial can show your product in action, take a tour of your facility, introduce the owner or key employees or educate the consumer as to why they need your product or service. Each Webmercial package is customized to meet your needs and your budget!

Video Marketing 

Video Marketing is a way of promoting your product or service through the use of video. We help you incorporate video into your Online Marketing mix, through the use of customized video sharing and YouTube. We will help you develop Key/Tag words, work with your social media presence and customize your video player to match your website. Our Online Marketing services can help bring more potential clients to your website, keep them on your site longer and improve their experience with your company.

Promotional Videos 

Promotional Videos are our signature pieces. These videos tend to run longer than a Webmercial and provide a complete overview of a company, person, product or service. Promotional Videos are typically 5-15 minutes in length and can include: facility tour, product demonstration, owner or key employee interviews, client testimonials, product or service in action, photos of past jobs, graphics & much more. Typically a Promotional Video is accompanied by a complete script and professional Voice-over. A Promotional Video can be used online, on DVD, at a trade show, on sales calls or via an in-house system. Promotional video packages are customized to meet the needs and budget of the client.

In Studio & Mobile Services 

At Vivo Masonico, you can either visit us in our studio or we can bring our mobile studio to you! In our studio, you will find a variety of backdrops, including white, black, grey, green screen, or a painted set to resemble an office setting. We can bring in set pieces such as executive desks, conference room settings, an interview set, etc. Our mobile studio typically shoots at your location, using your company as the backdrop. This is great when you need your potential clients to see your facility! We can use available light (great for outdoor shoots) or bring our full light kit. Whatever your needs are, Vivo Masonico can accommodate you either at our location or yours!

Corporate Videography 

Corporate Videography covers a wide range of specialties. Whether you are looking for a basic Webmercial or a full-service Promotional Video, we can help! Our Corporate Videography services can go much further as well. Do you have an annual event that needs coverage? Is there someone retiring that you'd like to spotlight in a light-hearted video to show at their upcoming farewell party? Do you often generate large bids, and feel a bid-specific video could help you close the deal? There are many opportunities for corporations such as yours to utilize our services. Don't go through the expense of creating an in-house department. Let us take the stress out of it and cover your needs from top to bottom.

Live Webcasting 

A Webcast is a live event streamed online that can be viewed by anyone, anywhere with an internet connection. It can be educational, informative, humorous, etc. A Webcast can be viewed live and archived for later viewing. It can be free, password protected or pay-per-view. A Webcast is ideal for sales or product demonstrations and is an excellent marketing opportunity! Do you already have all the equipment but don't know where to start? Ourwebcasting consultation services can point you in the right direction.

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