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Agency Program

As Facebook continues to develop and advance their advertising platform, many large advertising agencies are looking for ways to offer advanced Facebook advertising services for their clients. Because it can be difficult to find experts in Facebook advertising, we created the Vivo Masonico Agency Program to help provide this service to advertising agencies.

How it Works

Vivo Masonico charges on an agency rate based on total monthly ad spend. Our pricing is consistent for all our clients.

Level III – 10% Agency Rate

Total media spend between $50,000 – $250,000 per month.

Level IV – 5% Agency Rate

Total media spend above $250,000 per month.

This covers services such as expert account management, copywriters, graphic designers, video editors and analysts. Our monthly rate is all inclusive and covers the services of each of these people. Any additional technology or third party platforms will be an additional cost.

Our Services

Vivo Masonico offers two types of services for agencies looking for advanced management services.

Facebook Advertising – Partner Services

Vivo Masonico experts operate as a partner to your agency. Emails from our team will come from the domain. Reporting can be sent directly to the client or to your agency for review.

Revenue Share: 20%

Facebook Advertising – White Label Services

Vivo Masonico will assign one of our account reps to your account. They will be set up with an email from your company and will send updates on behalf of your company. All other aspects of the ads management will remain the same, but all communication will come through your account rep. Communication will be seamless and appear as if the Facebook expert works directly for your agency.

Revenue Share: 10%

Partner Requirements

The following are the requirements for our agency partner program and white label Facebook advertising services.

  • Agency must be a registered advertising agency.

  • Agency clients must have a minimum Facebook ad spend of over $50,000 per month, per month.

  • Agency must be currently managing over $500,000 in combined ad spend for their clients.

Agency Revenue Projections

Here are projections of the revenue your agency would make each month based off your clients total monthly Facebook ad spend.

Agency Application

If you are interested in applying for our white label Facebook advertising or partner services, please complete our application.

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